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The Roar: Why Black Caviar will stand alone with Phar Lap

February 15, 2013

Andrew Hawkins is a Roar Expert

At the moment, in racing circles, it seems almost remiss to discuss our great sport without talking about the wonder mare Black Caviar.

I’ve pondered for days how to approach Black Caviar without repeating what has already been written. It is perhaps a task that is impossible these days, for so much has already been said. There is hardly an original angle left.

Trust me – as a lover of horse racing, I’d much rather be in a position where everything has been covered as opposed to one where no one cares.

This got me thinking about the unprecedented media coverage surrounding every bit player in the Black Caviar story.

How will history tell the story of Nelly, the mare who took on all comers and – to date anyway – defeated them all?

To read more, click here to go to The Roar.

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