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Racing For The Future a great concept for young people

July 23, 2012

As someone very passionate about getting people my age involved in racing, it gives me great heart to see the Racing For The Future initiative started in Victoria.

Racing For The Future has been started by three passionate young racing fans – Michael Sharkie (of, who I did some writing for earlier this year), Jarrod Membrey and Cameron Rose. All three are keen to see racing thrive into the future, attracting young audiences back to our great sport. It’s about getting them involved and invested in the industry, not just at Melbourne Cup time, but all year round.

It is based on the very successful Racing for Change initiative in the United Kingdom. Led by the British Horseracing Authority, it has tried to change the way racing is promoted in order to attract new audiences.

Unlike Racing for Change, there is a specific focus on young people. Their stated mission is to “work closely with Victorian race clubs and meet regularly with Racing Victoria to discuss new race day concepts as well as new and existing marketing strategies” related to their demographic – young racegoers.

Although there are a number of groups trying to improve the raceday experience for young people, Racing For The Future appears to have the best direction and looks like it will be a success.

I encourage all racegoers between 18 and 35 to look at Racing For The Future’s website and get involved in their campaigns!

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  1. Jack Hockman permalink
    July 23, 2012 10:07 pm

    Great to see you all putting so much into improving the industry for the betterment of all as back when I was young there were not so many other attractions

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