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Andrew Hawkins Racing Spring Medal: Sir Rupert Clarke Stakes

September 30, 2011

Finally! After a few days of being unable to log into my blog, I’m finally able to post!

The relief is intense.

Just a prior warning – there will be quite a few posts today. Sorry if you are email subscribers!

So, ahead of tonight’s magnificent Manikato Stakes meeting, here is the belated Andrew Hawkins Racing Medal point scores for last week. No explanation this week, I’m afraid:

1. Toorak Toff (20 points)

2. Helmet (19 points)

3. Manawanui (18 points)

4. Atlantic Jewel (17 points)

5. King Lionheart (16 points)

6. Big Time (15 points)

7. Amaethon (14 points)

8. Fast Clip (13 points)

9. Lamasery (12 points)

10. Pinnacles (11 points)

11. Mighty High (10 points)

12. Screen (9 points)

13. Disputes (8 points)

14. Platinum Passion (7 points)

15. Gybe (6 points)

16. First Command (5 points)

17. Extra Zero (4 points)

18. Master of Design (3 points)

19. Marden (2 points)

20. Renewed Vitality (1 point)

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